The dry Santa Ana weather just keeps going and going and is getting everyone’s sinuses in an uproar. In San Diego we are having a very dry, and hot Winter. I’ve had many people come to me totally plugged up and miserable from all of the drainage going on with their noses. They are taking Allegra, Zyrtec, Steroid inhalers and non of these are doing them any good. My husband is so miserable he can’t sleep and when he can’t sleep none of us are happy. So here are a few steps to manage your sinus health during this time until we can get a little more humidity.

1. Oil your sinuses.    Take a Qtip dipped in Olive Oil or Coconut Oil and swab the inside of your nose. This keeps the sinuses from getting so dry and inflamed. It helps with the itchy irritated feeling that comes with breathing dry air.

Drink Elderberry Tea. This comes in the form of dried berries or syrup. The syrup from Gaia Herbs is my favorite with a little lemon and hot water. Drinking Elderberry also staves off the flu.

Nux Vomica 30x taken 4 times a day in its recommended dose helps to clear up complete stoppage. I’ve given this remedy to people on the sales floor after they’ve come in totally plugged up with miraculous results. With in minutes they were breathing out of their nose again.

Use a humidifier: This is especially helpful at night when you are trying to sleep. Last night we not only had the humidifier going but we also started up the hot shower for 5 minutes and sat in the bathroom for our sinuses to open up and be comfortable.

Last but not least: Horseradish root or Wasabi paste. This is one of the most potent herbs for clearing out the sinuses. Here is a recipe by Mountain Rose Herbs to make your own “Fire Cider”

If you have your own remedies please post them as a comment. This blog is a community resource. San Diego Herb Company strives to bring together the knowledge from the best herbalists in the world and if you use herbs to help your family and community you are an herbalist too.



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